To Really Care, Start With Yourself

To Really Care, Start With Yourself

Queen Elizabeth I of England once said, “A man with a head on his shoulders is worth a dozen without.”

The idea of putting ourselves first is one which seems selfish. Our friends and families have needs. They’re emotional and they need our support. There’s no time to dwell on what’s ailing us, because in this modern world of stress and disease, we have to focus all of our attention on the few people nearest and dearest to us, right? That’s what all of those articles and talks on achieving perfect happiness say.

But think about it; how useful are you going to be as a friend, or as a partner or advisor, if your head is cloudy, you feel like crap, you’re depressed, overweight and altogether unhappy?

Caring for yourself is the surest way of being on top form when those nearest and dearest come looking for help. If you really can’t get over the idea of putting yourself first, think of it as maintenance. Think of it as keeping yourself fresh, so that you don’t fail those who might depend on you.

Whether it’s getting some regular exercise, improving your nutrition, taking up a new hobby that makes you happier or just taking some time out to do nothing, taking care of yourself is good for everyone.

Tell us how you take care of yourself, and how it helps you to be a better friend, colleague or partner. We want to know.

Graeme Keeton

Graeme is a UK-based CrossFitter and Copywriter. As a two-time CrossFit Regionals volunteer, he loves the community and writing about everything from mobility, to the best new CrossFit nutrition.

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