26th March – Keep the date free (I know it’s Easter :-s)

We will be celebrating a lot of things in one go…any excuse really –

  • First up it’s the end of the OPEN for another year, and it’s always great to celebrate how well we all do as a gym every year
  • Secondly in the middle of the Open we have Greensborough’s 5th Birthday. Now usually this gets lost in the Open…But not this year!! Hitting 5 years old is a massive achievement and we want to celebrate with everyone and share how much this place has made a difference in so many lives. Without Benny and Soul Rebel Athletics we’d all still be in a globo gym or sat on the couch, and not have you all as good friends to celebrate with. And Thornbury was also born out of it all to grow and help us reach further. So massive celebrations to be had here.
  • Lastly Thornbury’s 3rd Birthday wont be that far away so we’ll just add it to the list

We love to see as many people there as possible.

If you can make it please confirm on the FaceBook Event (if you dont have FaceBook shoot us an e-mail, so we can confirm a booking

Tickets will be $50 to cover food and a couple of drinks

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